Intondolo, a life-enriching safari experience.

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The magic and mystery of Africa comes alive in the colonial ambiance of elegant Intondolo Safari and TOURS. Deep in the African bushveld, along Southern Africa’s famous Zambezi river, ‘something enchanting lies in wait’ – the Intondolo Safaris and TOURS. 

This award winning private Safari and TOURS offers world-class standards in luxury accommodation, exceptional close wildlife encounters, personal service and delicious cuisine.

Intondolo Flashback

On a Village Tour in the morning ,we had a special chance with a family from Califonia USA to meet with the Village kraal head rulling a Village court sitting ( Idale) ... Villagers gathered together and we went on to give little kids some school books and pencils - What a world our Africa is ...join us and enjoy a thick African experience and share your life too.... "

Flashback Continued...

With Your Host: Nkue Mthunzi